About Us

TheGongzuo is a new concept that is taking the country by storm!
There are Job network sites, Professional network sites and Social network sites, but there is a dearth of platforms that enables businesses, aspiring candidates and entrepreneurs to connect with each other and create more meaningful partnerships.

TheGongzuo.com is developed to bridge the gap between the two communities and go beyond just a job site offering to present to users a platform where zealous ideators and intrepid entrepreneurs connect with each other; where entrepreneurial minds can team up to create either an outstanding project, product, business or career. TheGongzuo strives to encompass a community comprising of Entrepreneurs / Innovators / relevant resources / Employers / Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors.

Since the beginning of time ideators have been struggling to get the right guidance, resources and financial help to see their ideas take fruition; on the other hand there are entrepreneurs and investors who are struggling to find a good idea /feasible project.

TheGongzuo.com is your solution to this problem. Register now and

1. Have fun connecting with entrepreneurial minds and work or create products and services that can revolutionize the market.

2. Build your network and get support, help or encourage young entrepreneurial minds to start something new.

3. Motivate others to share their ideas too so you too can get inspired.