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Why should I register with

  • helps you find the right job matching your aspirations. Registering with enables you to:

  • 1- Access to unlimited of Real Jobs!

  • 2- Easy & Quick way to create an Impressive Profile!

  • 3- Excellent Tool to Post & Manage your Resume!

  • 4- Advanced & Intelligent Job Search Engine with Refine facility, to Find Best Matched Job!

  • 5- Get job alerts over email!

  • 6- One click to get Matched Job for your Resume!

  • 7- More & More For Free....!!

Why should I register with

  • At the time of registration we ask for a resume that is posted automatically.Later on you can add , change or manage your resume on Manage My Resume Page. To post any new Resume, click on the ‘Create a New Resume’ on Manage My Resume Page.This, then attached to your profile, is sent across to the employers when you apply for a job vacancy. We highly recommend that you fill in all the details asked for to ensure that your resume is comprehensive and one that gets you the jobs you are looking for.

  • Manage My Resume

How can I update/edit my Profile?

  • You can update your profile only after you login to Once you have logged in to your account, go to My Preferences page where you can see a snapshot of your profile and contact information. You can make changes to your Profile by editing the relevant sections from the ‘My Preferences' page. It is recommended that you update your Profile regularly. Employers often contact only those candidates who have fully updated their profiles.

  • Login to update profile

Does it cost to post my Resume or Register to

  • Not at all, Membership to is absolutely free including all features like Posting a Resume , Creating Cover letter, Job Search, Getting Job Alerts and many more unique features available only on

  • Register Your Resume with TheGongzuo

How can I create a cover letter?

  • To create a cover-letter you need to login to Once you have logged in to your account, you are direct to the page that shows a brief summary of your account. To create a cover letter, Click on “Create a New Cover Letter” button on the right-side of the Manage Cover Letter page. Once you’ve written the cover-letter, you can create and save up to 4 cover letters. A cover letter coupled with job application enables you to exhibit before an employer, information relevant to your aptitude beyond what your Resume alone provides.

  • Login to create cover letter

I can’t remember the password to my account. How can I login again?

  • In this case, click on the Don't recall Password? link on the Login Page. In order to retrieve your account password, you need to enter the e-mail address specified in your resume. Once you have entered, a confirmation mail with "temporary password" to reset your password will be sent directly to your inbox.

  • Retrieve Password

How can I change the password to my account?

  • Once you have logged in to your account, you are direct to the page that shows a brief summary of your account. To change your account password, click on the ‘Change Password’ link given in to the menu at the top. You would need to enter your old password,specify and confirm the new one. Once you specified and confirmed the new password, a confirmation mail will be sent directly to your inbox.

  • Login to Change Password

Who can access to my Resume other than me?

  • Once you have posted your Resume, all the Employers who are registered with can access it. We respect your privacy hence you have an option to decide on the visibility of your profile. If you do not want the employers to see your profile, just set the Profile Visibility as Private,on the My Preferences page. Please Remember to remove your contact information from your Resume file since we at do not have write access to your uploaded Resume file. Setting the Resume Status to “Non-Searchable” will ensure that the recruiters no longer have any access to your Resume. Even, if you have selected the ‘Non-searchable’ option, you can still search and apply for job vacancies using your TheGongzuo account.

  • Manage My Resume


What is search?

  • Search gives you an option to look for relevant jobs based on your specific requirements. To search for a job, you can use the given search window. You may use the following criteria to look for relevant jobs.


    For a keyword search you may enter Designation, Key Skills, or company name of desired job.


    You may enter US cities and states, depending upon your preference. The search result will display only those jobs which are based out of the locations that you have specified.

    Search Job

The job search sometimes shows results running into thousands. How can I refine my search further?

  • To refine your search you can use the ‘Refine your Search’ option given towards the left of the search result page. Based on the criteria entered, the search result displays all the jobs matching your requirements. ‘Refine your Search’ option in turn categorizes the results based on the criteria you have provided. It streamlines the job results into four broad categories:

  • 1- Skills

  • 2- Employment Type

  • 3- Work Authorization

  • 4- State

  • 5- City

  • 6- Travel

  • 7- Telecommute

  • Search Job

What is Advance Search?

  • Advance Search gives you an option to look for relevant jobs based on the job category. Once, you have chosen your desired category of jobs, you can further refine your search by adding criteria like keyword, experience and locations.

  • Search Job

How is Advance Search different from Basic search?

  • Both advance search and basic search give you an option to find relevant jobs based on your specific requirements. However, while basic search lets you find jobs across different job categories, with the advance search option, the job search is category specific. Also, the number of options that you can use to find jobs with search are wider than what you get with advance search.

  • Search Job

Job Alert

What are the benefits of creating my preferred Job Alert?

  • Creating a Job Alert helps you find access to the latest jobs matching your aspirations. Based on the criteria that you have specified for your Job Alert, you get latest matching jobs in your inbox. You can create up to 5 personalized Job Alerts, each with different criteria. Creating a Job Alert, thus, helps you access latest job vacancies based on your job requirements.

  • Create a Job Alert

I am not getting enough jobs in my inbox. What should I do?

  • Jobs are sent to your inbox either through a personalized Job Alert that you create or a Job Alert based on your profile. If Job Alert based on your profile is not giving you enough jobs in your inbox, it is recommended that you complete your Profile and make it more comprehensive. Alternately, you can create Job Alert based on your own personalized criteria, if you have not created any. If you are not getting enough jobs in your inbox through personalized Job Alert, it is possible that the criteria defined by you is too narrow. Try adding more keywords, which allows us to find more jobs and thus send you jobs more often. It is highly recommended that you make sure the “keyword strength meter” shows strong while you create a personalized Job Alert.

  • Job Alerts