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I’m having trouble signing into my account. What should I do?

  • If you are unable to log into, One or more of the following might have occured:

  • 1- You might not be entering the correct username and password to log in to your account. Please note these account details are case-sensitive.

  • 2- Your email verification may be pending..Please click on the link in the verification email to verify your email address.

  • 3- Your account might have been locked out as a result of too many invalid login Attempts, In this case please allow 15 min to auto unlock your account.

  • 4- You might have cookies enabled on your browser.

  • If the problem persists, please email us at

  • Employer Contact Us

How many users accounts can I create?

Can I buy more logins for Employer Account?

  • Yes, you can buy at any of our contact points click on the link below for contact details.

  • Employer Contact Us

Why do I keep getting logged out of my account?

  • If you have been logged out of your TheGongzuo account, it is probably because:

  • 1- You might have not been using the application for the last half an hour or more after you logged in and hence your login session has expired.

  • 2- You might be violating security by accessing unauthorized pages.
    [Note: It is always recommended to click on the “Logout” link at the top after you finish using TheGongzuo services. This is to avoid any timeouts and prevent unsaved changes from being lost.]

  • 3- You do not have cookies enabled on your browser. You will need to enable cookies and then login again.

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I can’t remember the password to my account. How can I login again?

  • In this case, click on the ‘Don't Recall Password?’ link on login page. In order to retrieve your account password, you need to enter the e-mail address specified in your account. Once you have entered, a confirmation mail with "temporary password" to reset your password will be sent directly to your inbox.

  • Don't Recall Password?

How can I change the password to my account?

  • To change your account password, click on the ‘Change Password’ link in the menu at the top. You would need to enter your old password and specify and confirm the new one. Once you have specified and confirmed the new password, a confirmation mail will be sent directly to your inbox.

  • Login to Change Password

Whom should I contact if I face any problems while using my account?

  • You can use either of our support options:

  • 1- Report the problem directly to us using this online form Contact Us and our support team shall get back to you within 48 hours.

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How do I benefit from TheGongzuo?

  • TheGongzuo is the largest database of Jobseekers in USA - over a million jobseekers of varied experience-levels and from various locations are waiting right here.

  • With a TheGongzuo subscription you can reach out to these jobseekers and hire them to meet your recruitment needs. TheGongzuo offers:

  • 1- An intelligent search engine that helps in finding the right (most relevant) candidates with great ease.

  • 2- Various search options like advanced search define and choose the way you’d like to search.

  • 3- The ability to refine your search by drilling down further through tools like refine search within results.

  • 4- Ability to contact candidates by email,forward resumes & match candidate etc.

  • 5- Regular alerts of resumes in your email based on the parameters you decide and at the email frequency you want.

  • Plan & Pricing

What are the different subscription packages available for TheGongzuo Resume? Which one should I buy?

  • Please check out the link below for various subscription packages of TheGongzuo.

  • For details about the subscription packages, you may contact us at

  • Plan & Pricing

Is there any demo version of TheGongzuo Resume for trial purpose before I make a purchase decision?

  • Yes,you need to email us to get your passcode for trial version.

  • Plan & Pricing

How can I search for resumes in TheGongzuo?

  • This is how you can perform a search in TheGongzuo if you are logged in as an employer:

  • 1.Select the ‘Advance Search’ from the menu. This’ll directly take you to the advance resume search page.

  • 2.Enter your search criteria and finally click on ‘Search For Talents’ button.

  • This will show you the resumes matching your search criteria.

  • Advance Resume Search

What are the different search options available in TheGongzuo?

  • 1- If you already knows candidate name & location then you can easily find your candidate by clicking on candidate name icon on the top of page.This icon will open a popup to get candidate name & location to find that candidate.

  • 2- Basic Search: You can find the right candidate for you by entering any keyword(s) and location from the search box at the top.The first dropdown yields value like resume,designation or everywhere and second dropdown gets you results by relevance or posted date.

  • 3- Advanced Search:
    Comprehensive search using multiple search criteria like keywords, experience, annual salary, location, functional area, industry type, include/exclude specified employers.

  • 4- Refine Search: If you land on resume result list page from basic or advance search and could still not find the perfect candidate you can find your candidate using various refine search criteria.

What is the significance of keyword search in TheGongzuo?

  • The Keyword field in the TheGongzuo searches for the entered keyword(s) in various fields of a resume. The keywords are searched for in the following fields of the resume:

  • 1- Profile of the candidate

  • 2- Summary of experience

  • 3- Current Organization - you can look for people currently employed at certain companies by simply writing the company name in the keyword field

  • 4- Designation - you can search for specific designations such as Web Developer, Team Leader, CTO, and CEO etc.

  • Advance Resume Search

How can I view details of a resume?

  • To view a resume:

  • 1- Conduct a search

  • 2- Click on the resume heading of the desired resume from the resume listing page

  • This will open the resume with its details.

  • Login

How can I track my candidate that I like during my search?

  • To track the desired resumes from the search results page

  • 1- Go to the resume results page, click the track candidate button you will get the track candidate popup.

  • 2- Follow the instructions in the window that pops up and save the resume(s).

  • Advance Resume Search

What is refine search ?

  • You can use the ‘Refine Search’ functionality to further refine your search results. For example, after you’ve performed a search and wish to see the number of resumes against each ‘preferred skill’ in that search, you can use ‘skills’ option from refine search.

  • Advance Resume Search

What are resume alerts?

  • Resume alerts are the mails that you receive whenever any new resume matching your saved search criteria enters our resume database. This is to keep you updated on the latest matches against your saved searches.

  • To set search alert settings and frequency:

  • 1- Login to your account

  • 2- Perform search to find candidate(s).

  • 3- On the ‘Resume Result List’, click on ‘Manage Search Alert’ and save your current search.

  • 4- Check the saved search alert in manage search alert page for which you wish to receive resume alerts via email

  • 5- Click on ‘Edit Search Alert’ icon against that search alert

  • 6- Follow the instructions on the dialog that comes up

  • This will set your resume search alerts.

  • Advance Resume Search

What do different icons on resume search results list page indicate?

  • 1- Resume already viewed: You’ve already opened and seen these resumes in detail or downloaded them.This will help to save on your resume counts.

  • 2- Comments added: You can always see the comment before you decide to open resume.This will help to save on your resume counts.

  • 3- Track Candidate: This will indicate candidate(s) you have been tracking.

  • Advance Resume Search

Can I add notes to the resumes for additional information or future reference?

  • Yes, you can add additional notes to a resume by using the ‘Track Candidate’ option available at the top-right resume tool on the resume preview page. Click on that option and assign the status of the candidate or you can enter the desired note with that candidate.

  • Advance Resume Search

Is it possible to download the resumes that I like or wish to refer later on?

  • Yes. To download resume(s) Click on ‘Download resume(s)’ button on resume result page.You can also forward the resume and for that you can also manage personal addressbook for your refernces.

  • Advance Resume Search

Job Posting

What are Job Postings? How can job posting help me?

  • When you need to fill a position, time is money. And every minute counts. You need to get your job in front of the most qualified job seekers. You need an easy and reliable way to manage incoming Resumes and select the right person for the job. And that's what posting your job on TheGongzuo delivers - the most efficient and cost-effective way to hire online.

  • Login to post your job

How much does it cost?

  • Please check out below link for various subscription packages of TheGongzuo.

  • For more details about the subscription packages, you may contact us at

  • Plan & Pricing

How can I post a job on

  • If you are:

  • A.Basic or Advance subscriber:

  • 1- Login to your Recruiter’s account at with the username and password you already have.

  • 2- Go to "Jobs" » Post Job

  • 3- By using our enhanced job posting tool, you can post job by filling required information such that to get your most qulified job seeker.

  • (You can edit,rename,forward your job on Manage Job Page.)

  • B.Quick Job Posting Subscriber:

  • 1. You will have to enter all required information on first tab.

  • 2. Then you have to select subscription plans according to your needs.

  • 3. And then you are able to post your job by clicking on post job button.And you can also edit or preview job before your payment is done.

  • For Advance Subscriber Only:Here the subscribers can save their job as "Inactive" which means it will be not count against their total job posting limit.

  • Login To Post a Job

For how long will my posted jobs remain advertised on the THeGongzuo's site?

How do I know the number of job postings left in my subscription?

  • You can view this information on recruiters’ dashboard after you login. You can also see this number on the account activity report page.

  • Plan & Pricing

How long will it take for my job to get reflected on TheGongzuo site?

What is meant by ‘Renew’ a job?

  • Renewing your job advertisement means extending its duration on the site by assigning its posted date as a current date and it will make your job appear as of posted today. Each "Renew" consumes a job renewable count from your subscription. This renewable limit varies with subscription plan.

  • Login To Post a Job

What happens to my job after 30 days? What are ‘Inactive Jobs’?

  • The jobs that have been on site for more than 30 days are marked as ‘Inactive Jobs’. These jobs are still available to you for a period of 18 months from the date of posting and you can also activate these jobs, after which they are permanently deleted from our database.

  • Login To Post a Job

How do I modify a job vacancy that I’ve already posted on the site?

  • To modify a job, you need to follow these steps:

  • 1- Login to your account.

  • 2- Go to “Manage Jobs”.

  • 3- Click on “Edit” icon shown against the job you wish to edit. This will take you to the pre-filled job posting form for that job. Make the desired changes there and finally post the job.

  • You can do many more things on Manage Job page like:

  • 1- Forward Job: You can forward this job to anyone by email.

  • 2- Copy: You can make a copy of any existing job.

  • 3- Who Applied: You can view full details of job applicant.(This feature depends upon your subscription plan.)

  • 4- Delete: You can permanently delete any job.

  • Manage Job

How do I remove my job from your site?

  • If you wish to remove an already posted job from the site:

  • 1- Go to “Manage Jobs”.

  • 2- Click on the ‘Remove’ icon against the job which you want to remove

  • Manage Job

How do I view the applications/responses received for the job that I’ve posted?

  • For the job that you’ve posted on TheGongzuo, you can choose to receive the applications in different ways:

  • Email: Directly receive the applications on the email id provided by you while posting the job.

  • Or

  • URL: Directly linked to your company website URL.

  • Post Job

How can I keep a track of Job Posting activity for my account?

  • You can view the account activity reports page after you login to account.

  • 1- Usage Activity Report: Displays the overall Job Posting activity of the users of your company over a period of time. This reflects the number of Admissible jobs,Active Posting,Remaining Posting by user of your company.

  • 2- What else is going on? Report: Displays the details of each & every job being posted by your company i.e. Job Sent via Email Alert, Resumes sent via Email Alert, Resumes Search Clicks etc.

  • Account Activity